Political terrorism in my country:Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country but the density of population is very high.This country is familiar for her large population.A democratic government rules this country;here,there has a question;what sort of democratic govt. or democracy is going on?govt. could not complete any mandate of people yet after taking the ruling power of the country,govt.student political party:satro legue’started violence in school,college,versity and work-tender,they are killing and murdering every day even they are beating their techer.govt.uses police to avange on opositiön party and anty talker,writter.
Some days ago, mahmudurrahman,editor of famous newspaper has been caught in order to stop his voice against rulling party.There is no freedom in any sector, as a result political terrorism(qualition between ruling party and opposition party) and political crisis are increasing by degreas.


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